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Hi, my name is Melanie Hughes. I am a mother of three; two wonderful girls who are currently 6 and 8, and 3 year old boy. After several years in the workforce I decided to spend some time home with my girls and welcome a few daycare friends to come over to share, play and learn with us! We enjoy doing a variety of arts and crafts, cooking, baking, playing outside daily(weather permitting), workbooks, circle time, and more. I have been running my daycare for four years now, and plan on continuing for years to come! I offer flexible hours and low rates, having been a working mom for several years I understand the challenges of finding daycare especially if you don't work 9-5. I am willing to accommodate your hours, including shift workers, days, early mornings, evenings, weekends, and overnight care! Extended hours can be arranged! Last minute and Emergency care is often available. Service available in French or English. I am comfortable with special needs children and have experience with ADHD, ODD, ASD. I am willing to work with children with health needs as well. We can work out a plan to include your child regardless of their needs. Healthy meals and snacks provided. Meals include all 4 food groups and snacks include at least two food groups. Willing to accommodate parent and child's preferences as well provide an allergy aware environment. Meals are home cooked and we use little processed or packaged food in our home. Meal plans posted, and copies are available to parents on request. After 4 years of service in our current home we are pleased to announce we are moving this summer(a short distance). We will now have a fully fenced yard, separate daycare entrance and more space. Hours: 24/7 service is possible Days 6:00am to 6:00pm Evenings past 6pm Overnight past 10pm Holiday and STAT care may be available if prebooked! Daily Outdoor time - We will have a large fenced yard when we move! Quiet/nap time daily(I provide the playpen, daycare cot and blankets) Weekly trips to playgroup and local parks(all with-in walking distance) Occasional trips to the library, YMCA, Playtrium, mall events, local museums, etc. I have a van and extra car seats/boosters if needed. We walk or take the bus as well. No worry if you prefer your child doesn't go in my vehicle there is sitll lots to do nearby! Baking/cooking, science, circle time, music and dancing, reading, writing practice, dramatic play, play-doe, arts, and crafts! All geared to the age and stage of the child and preferences of the parent(s). I would be more than happy to include any cultural things you would like to share with the group! We celebrate birthdays and holidays! The kids look forward to their daycare party. Usually we make a treat to share and they get a gift! Non-smoking home and yard No Pets(except to Betta fish) Breastfeeding friendly daycare(I breastfeed my own kids and I encourage you to do the same if you choose) Cloth diapers welcome(NO CHEMICAL PAILS - for the kids safety). I cloth diapered all three of mine so I don't have any issue with them. I am familiar with many brands and would gladly answer any questions you have regarding them! I prefer there is no TV during the daycare day. We are a cable and satellite free home. Occasionally we watch a movie(1 hour max) during nap time, or in the evening. We also do not do gaming(Xbox, Wii, etc). Older children may be allowed limited computer time to play an age appropriate game or to do homework, as well as to bring a gaming system from home for use here. Please remember this is daycare and things can get lost or damaged. I follow the daycare and day nursery act's guidelines regarding numbers of children's and ages. Only 5 under 6 (including my own) and only 5 daycare children(under 10) at any time. I would love to invite you and your family into our home to see the daycare space and program! Feel free to contact me with any questions!

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$35.00(CAD) Daily Infants (0 - 18 months) September 01, 2015 Login

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